Friday, June 8, 2012

RTI Format for MLA Development Fund details

RTI Format for MLA Development Fund details and work carried out:
Public Information Officers
(Name of the Department)
Sub: Application under the RTI Act, 2005
1. Please intimate the constituency in which the following address falls:
(Give your address here)
2. Please provide the following details for all the works awarded during the period __________to ___________for this whole constituency out of the MLA Constituency Development Fund:
a. Name of work
b. Brief Description of work
c. Amount sanctioned
d. Date of sanction
e. Status of completion
f. Name of agency
g. Date of start
h. Date of completion
i. Rate at which work awarded
j. Amount paid
k. Copy of sketch
l. How was the decision taken to carry out this work?
2. How much money was allotted to him during the current year and how much has been carried over from previous years?
3. Out of the above, projects worth how much money have already been sanctioned?
4. How many projects worth how much money are awaiting sanction?
I am depositing the application fee (Rs.10/-) separately/ I am a BPL card Holder, So, I am exempt from payment of fees. My BPL card no. is:…./ If you feel that above requested information does not pertain to your department then please follow the provisions of Section 6(3) of the RTI Act, 2005/Also as per the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 please provide the details (Name and Designation) of the first appellate authority w.r.t to your department with the reply to the above request., where I may if required file my first appeal.
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