Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Maharashtra GK Questions

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Maharashtra GK Questions:
Q.1 Maharashtra as a separate state was created on which among the following dates?
A. Nov 1st , 1956
B. May 1st , 1956
C. June 1st, 1960
D. May 1st, 1960
Ans: D

Q.2 Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 will be held on ?
A. 10th October 2014
B. 15th October 2014
C. 19th October 2014
D. 29th September 2014
Ans: B

Q.3 As per the 2011 census data, what is the literacy rate of Maharashtra?
A. 76.70%
B. 80.12%
C. 82.9%
D. 79.20%
Ans: B

Q.4 Total No. of Seats in Maharashtra Assembly is ?
A. 48
B. 290
C. 288
D. 280
Ans: C

Q.5 Which among the following is the birth place of Lokamanya Tilak?
A. Raigad
B. Ratnagiri
C. Nanded
D. Pune
Ans: B

Q.6 What is the rank of population of Maharashtra among states of India as per Census 2011?
A. Third
B. Second
C. Fourth
D. Fifth
Ans: B

Q.7 Which of the following district ranks no.1 in Banana production?
A. Dhule
B. Jalgaon
C. Bhuldana
D. Aurangabad
Ans: B

Q.8 Which among the following is the most populous district of Maharashtra?
A. Thane
B. Pune
C. Nagpur
D. Aurangabad
Ans: A

Q.9 Which sea is to the west of Maharashtra?
A.  Black
B.  Labrador
C. Timor
D. Arabian
Ans: D

Q.10 Which is the official language of Maharashtra?
A. Marathi
B. Gondi
C. Konkani
D. Sanskrit
Ans: A


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