Sunday, August 16, 2015

Maharashtra GK Quiz

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Maharashtra General knowledge (GK) Quiz:
Q.1 Who designed Prince of Wales Museum and the Gateway of India?
Answer: Architect George Wittet

Q.2 What was southernmost island called?
Answer: Old Woman’s Island

Q.3 How many lakes Mumbai has ?
Answer: 3 lakes – Tulsi, Powai, Vihar

Q.4 Name the three rivers of Mumbai
Answer: Mithi (Mahim), Dahisar, Oshiwara

Q.5 When Bandra-Worli, Sea Link was opened for public? What is its official name?
Answer: On June 30, 2009. Its official name is Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link.

Q.6 In which District is Lonar Lake located?
Answer: Buldana District

Q.7 In which year was Maharashtra formed?
Answer: May 1, 1960

Q.8 Which is the state animal of Maharshtra?
Answer: Giant Squirrel

Q.9 Which is the state bird of Maharshtra?
Answer: Green Imperial Pigeon

Q.10 Which is the state Tree of Maharshtra?
Answer: Mango

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